Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sleeper for Bitty Baby + Bitty Twin Doll


What you need

  • 1/2 yrd knit fabric for Sleeper
  • knit fabric for cuffs and feet
  • velcro or snap buttons

How to make the Sleeper

1. Download pattern here

    This pattern is copyrighted by me, ReadCreations.
    For private use only !!!
    Make sure you have page scaling set to none !

2. Cut pieces A, B and C from Sleeper fabric
    Cut pieces D and E from cuff fabric for feet (or you can use same fabric as for footie)
    Cut a strip 1 1/4" x X" from cuff fabric for neck cuff.
    Cut 2 strips 1 1/4" x X" from cuff fabric for sleeve cuffs.

3. Take piece C and 1 sleeve cuff. Fold sleeve cuff lengthwise in half.
    Sew sleeve onto right side of piece C, stretching to fit.
    Repeat for other sleeve

4. Take front pieces A and fold front about 3/8" and sew with 1/4" seam.
    Repeat for other piece.

5. Take both pieces A and overlap fronts to match layout of piece B.
     Sew bottom 2" together.

6. Right sides together, sew A and B shoulder seams

7. Right sides together, sew sleeves C into AB.

8. Take neck cuff and fold in half lengthwise.
    At beginning and end unfold and fold 1/4" in then refold to give a nice finish.
    Sew to right side of neckline, stretching to make it fit.

9. Top stitch neckline

10. Sew D to right side of front of foot on A.
      Repeat for other foot.

11. Right sides together, sew from sleeve along side to feet.
      Repeat on other side.

12. Sew leg inseam

13. Sew sole F to E and B

14. Add velcro or snap buttons to front.

You are done !!!


  1. YAY!!! This is such an awesome tutorial!! :) Hoping to crank out a few of these for my kiddos for Christmas! :) Any thoughts on the possibility of using flannel or fleece for this pattern?

    1. You could use flannel or lightweight fleece, don't see a reason why not.